5 ways you can help mother earth & yourself

{ you’re off to a great start! }


Live Vegan

Peace starts on our plates. In order to promote a loving future for all, we must start embodying peace in the present moment. A healthy vegan lifestyle starts with education. Checkout the documentaries What The Health, Cowspiracy, Heal, Dominion & Earthlings. Interested in going vegan, but not sure how? Sign up for challenge 22 ( it’s free!) for 22 days of full support living vegan ~ challenge22.com


Get Active

Activism is compassion in action. We would not sit by and let somebody kick a dog, so we will not be silent as 56 + billion animals are brutally slaughtered annually. The most prominent animal rights groups are PEACE, The Sea Shepherds, Direct Action Everywhere, Anonymous for the Voiceless, The Save Movement & PETA. If there aren’t any local chapters in your area, consider starting one!

Reduce your plastic use

Ditch single use plastic. Invest in reusable utensils and shopping bags. Watch A Plastic Ocean on Netflix.

ditch fast fashion

The fast fashion industry is a detrimental violation of the wellbeing of the earth and the inhabiting earthlings. Thrift shop. Whatever you can’t find there, attempt to get at an ethical, fair-trade vegan supplier.

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love unconditionally

Forgive. love. Speak kindly to yourself. Express your whole self. Listen to your heart. Accept healing. Allow growth. You are love.